This site is dedicated to people who grow things in a garden within Santa Clara county (in California). If you operate within a gardening community in our area and would like to contribute info to this site, please let us know.

Note that while we may sometimes make reference to a particular garden location, this site is neither associated with nor endorsed by any gardening organization, instructional institution, or particular garden community. It's just us, a group of rag-tag gardening enthusiasts, and we make no representation other than to say we enjoy digging in the dirt somewhere in Santa Clara county.

Information presented in these pages is provided by the contributing membership. We always ask that information sources be attributed, so that judgements can be made as to veracity. You will find that some of the info provided is general in nature, covering such things as what varieties of plants have been found to do well in our area (and conversely, what varieties have been found to be not so great), when to plant and/or harvest, techniques used to attract beneficials and battle pests, tips and tricks folks have learned along the way, etc. In other cases, the information presented is specific to a garden location; when this occurs, the location will be clearly designated as being applicable to one of the garden locations within Santa Clara county (a list of which can be found on our resources page).

We hope that these pages will provide a useful tool for learning and sharing. Again, if you belong to one of the gardens in Santa Clara county and would like to become a contributing member to the site, please contact us.