The SCG CGD (Current Good Deals) Page

Know about a sale taking place that might be of interest to the gardening community? Happen to stumble upon a great find at a nursery or hardware store? Hear about a local organization having a plant sale? If so, why not let your fellow gardeners know about it?

If it's currently on sale, either at a "walk in" place (a brick and mortar shop somewhere here in Santa Clara county) or "online" (in the vastness of the ether), we'll list it here for the benefit of all. So check back every so often to see what's cooking in the way of gardening deals...

Walk In

  • Summerwinds Campbell (2460 S. Winchester Blvd)
No sales info available...
  • Summerwinds Cupertino (1491 S. De Anza Blvd)

No sales info available...

  • Summerwinds Mountain View (805 Yuba Drive)

No sales info available...

  • Summerwinds Palo Alto (725 San Antonio Rd)
No sales info available...
  • Summerwinds San Jose (4606 Almaden Expy)
No sales info available...
  • Summerwinds Santa Clara (2931 El Camino Real)
20% sale on bare root fruit trees.
  • Summerwinds Sunnyvale (861 E. El Camino Real)

No sales info available...


  • From, through March 2nd, come the following deals:
    • 25% off The Seed Starter's Handbook with code AFFC25BK
    • 20% off all organic Heirloom Plants with code AFFC142P
    • Free Shipping on orders $50+ with code AFFCFS24

  • From, through March 2nd, find the following deals:
    • Save $2 on Veggie Molds with code AFFBVMS2
    • 10% off Mix and Match Skus with code AFFBMXM1
  • Also from Burpee, through Feb. 10th, 50% Off Amaryllis Flowers with code AFFAMHOFF